Stop Debt Collector Harassment

Owing a debt does not immediately subject you to bothering, threatening and other unsuitable debt collection agency habits. Some debt collection agency go too far with exactly what I call "renegade collectors" they will repeatedly call you at your home and/or company, threaten to send a marshall over to serve you with lawsuit papers or send intimidating letters, appearing to come from an attorney or law firm, mentioning that you will lose your cars and truck, incomes and other home if you do not pay your debt! It does not matter that you cannot pay a debt or that you can not pay for to pay your debt at this time no one ought to intimidate, threaten or harrass you or coerce you to give out monetary or personal information. Inappropriate collection procedures can frighten you into spending for expenses that may not even be your responsibility.You are protected by the law from innapropriate collection procedures.

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the New York City City Consumer Protection Law Guideline 10 and New York City State Statute, General Service Law, Article 29-H, (the "State Statute") all prohibit threatening, bugging and daunting collection treatments. The State Statute prohibits a collection representative from (a) threatening to interact with your company prior to that agent getting a judgement against you, (b) communicating with your household or family at such frequency or at such unusual hours as can reasonably be expected to be violent or harassing, or (c) replicating any legal or judicial procedure or appearing to be licensed, issued or authorized by a lawyer or the government to collect a debt.

If the collection representative sends you a letter demanding you pay without the reuired notification under the federal law regarding your privacy, your rights to dispute the debt an dgiving you the proper 30 days to respond, then the debt collector is instantly liable to you for any damages plus 3 times the amount of your damages. Each offense of the State Statute is a separate misdemeanor offense. You can submit charges with the State Chief Law Officer or your County District Attorney and also demand a zfn processing restraining action versus the collection company to stop it from continuing abuse and harassment.

If you feel mistreated or bothered by a debt collector, call that agency and get the name and address of the owner/president. Send your written problem, by certified mail, return invoice, to the owner/president and include in your letter that you "believe that agency is breaching the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other state and local laws which you will (a) file complaints with the Chief law officer or the District Attorney's office (subjecting the collection business to misdemeanor charges) and (b) request a restraining action versus the debt collection agency." If the collection business continues to abuse and harrass you, then go ahead and submit your problems and charges.

This short article is certainly not all inclusive and is meant just as a brief description of the legal concern presented. Not all cases are alike and it is highly recommended that you speak with a lawyer if you have any questions with respect to any legal matters.

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